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'With Curious Art Inlaid'

A Mystical, Strung Out Range of Clothing, Ideas and artwork.

Anima Mundi Apparel is Art and Clothing by Edmund Francis English.

'It is the night of the Full Moon and the children of Sin gather to attend the Sacred Circle.'

Points and Lines

Instants in the quiet, small sharp stars,
Pierce my spirit with a thrust whose speed
Baffles even the grasp of time.
Oh that I might reflect them
As swiftly, as keenly as they shine.
But I am a pool of waters, summer-still,
And the stars are mirrored across me;
Those stabbing points of the sky
Turned to a thread of shaken silver,
A long fine thread.


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Back into painting…

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"Three great male descriptions…
‘Jesus a damp scrotum which has lain for two thousand years on the butcher’s slab, under the knife..’
.. a fine description of England..
‘This god-awful country where one has to sleep with one’s penis under the pillow.’
..penis as generative power of cosmos as microcosm…
‘The knowledge of the movement of the stars and the laws of celestial gravitation is wonderful and it is the penis which connects us sensually with the planets. But for the penis we would never know the loveliness of Sirius or the categorical difference between a pomegranate and an India-rubber ball.’"
Durrell, Crowley and Lawrence
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D H Lawrence, Crowley and Blue Rider

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Perennial Way

to drift softly opened eyed
seeing clearly through the veil
to know that All is in All
and all and each are one within

to walk with a Golden Crown
touch deepest depth of being
where every step is called home
and thoughts are but a gift
where time is lost and now begins
and the Self that you know well
is no longer all that is

when true Union forms a Whole
the Absolute
circled to a centre
a single point
of gloried stillness
a silent emptiness
all life is born from

to be released by ancient bliss
as if awoken from living sleep
and be shown that colours brighten
when shining with the purest light

then from this dream descend to dearth
returned to appearances as before
you knocked upon that inward door
and were answered with a clarity

even if life now becomes opaque
for it is only a fleeting flame
put out by the slightest breeze

never forget all that was revealed
the knowledge that lies behind
the patterns that breathe with life

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Books for sale. Message for details. The book that inspired Geroge Harrison’s song ‘Be Here Now’

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Yeats golden dawn diary..

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